Solar powered charging for electric vehicles

Charging station provider Charge Amps has announced the launch of ‘Green Charging’ – a new feature which will allow solar powered charging of electric vehicles (EVs).
Green Charging allows owners of Charge Amps charging stations to solely use energy generated from solar panels to charge their car, or to combine solar-powered charging with charging from the grid. To do this, all that is required is a measurement device such as Charge Amps Amp Guard, the Charge Amps App for intelligent scheduling and solar panels. The solution works for both single and multi-family homes as well as offices.  
Anders Bergtoft, CEO at Charge Amps, commented: “Charge Amps is on a mission to create a sustainable and brighter future. We do this by helping the transition towards fully electric fleets on roads right across Europe. To achieve this, electric car charging needs to be accessible, smart, sustainable and easy, and we are always working on ways to ensure that we are at the forefront of all four.”  
“This is why we are introducing Green Charging. A simple, sustainable, and cost-efficient way to charge your car using solar power. We feel confident that this will be a helpful and welcomed launch by existing and future Charge Amps customers and I am proud to be adding yet another intelligent smart feature to our Cloud platform.” 
Founded in 2012, Charge Amps develops intelligent charging stations, cables, and dedicated cloud software for use at home, in connection to commercial properties and offices and in public environments. Since the launch of its first charging station, in 2015, Charge Amps has made over 115,000 charge points for customers in more than 15 markets. 
The company’s charging stations are designed and made in Sweden and developed to be durable in all climates and harsh weather conditions, withstanding cold as well as hot temperatures. The new Green Charging feature is available today to all Charge Amps users of the Charge Amps App free of charge.  

Image courtesy of Charge Amps.

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