JustPark research highlights main barriers stopping EV adoption

JustPark has released findings that reveal the main barriers stopping consumers from purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) – with almost two thirds (62%) stating the reliability and frequency of chargers is a top concern.

The research reveals that 82% of Brits are hampered by barriers that are stopping them from purchasing an EV. JustPark has released the findings to coincide with the launch of its partnership with Visa to boost EV adoption for UK drivers.

In light of the ongoing cost of living crisis and fuel price hikes, 81% of respondents are unaware that EVs are notably cheaper to run than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles as a result of reductions in tax, range and congestion charges.

The top five barriers to EV ownership are:

  1. Charging point infrastructure – 62%
  2. Price point of an EV – 42%
  3. Range anxiety – 23%
  4. Lack of second hand options available on the market – 17%
  5. General lack of education / knowledge – 13%

With nearly half (47%) of Brits surveyed stating that they are either interested, or have already pursued alternative income streams due to the cost of living crisis, community charging solutions like JustCharge are key. JustCharge (part of the JustPark group) enables those with a private charger at their home or business premises to rent it out to other EV drivers via an intuitive app. This creates a passive income for the charger owner, but it also unlocks thousands of available charging points close to workplaces, homes and commuter stations, helping to make EV ownership a viable option for many more UK households.

Mike Strahlman, Director of EV at JustPark, said: “We must collectively find solutions to help millions of British households support the UK’s transition to clean-air vehicles. While EV demand is growing dramatically, public charging infrastructure is falling significantly behind. JustCharge unlocks thousands of home chargers, infrastructure which already exists, and makes them available to the public. These chargers are not used 90% of the time and can help make EV adoption a possibility for more than 50 per cent of British households without access to off-street parking. This partnership with JustCharge and Visa is a landmark moment in our efforts to redress the balance and make EV adoption an effortless, viable and cost-effective solution for millions more UK drivers.”

JustCharge has launched its partnership with Visa to boost electric vehicle adoption for UK drivers. To build trust and increase public charger supply as easily as possible, JustPark and Visa are offering rewards to encourage community charging, enabling more to switch to EVs quicker.

The rewards consist of:

  • £50 voucher to those who list their EV chargers on the JustCharge network. 
  • 50% discount on the cost of an EV charging booking when payment is made with Visa.

Rewards available between 23rd June 2022 and 23rd September 2022.*

Image courtesy of JustPark.

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