Aviva survey reveals road trip recharging opportunities

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of UK adults are planning a long road trip this summer, a study by insurer Aviva has found, with 6% planning to make the trip in an electric vehicle (EV), and 9% in a hybrid.

Previous Aviva research, released in April 2022, found more UK drivers were planning to buy an EV or hybrid as their next car (58%) than either a petrol or diesel model (43%), but revealed some were put off by fears over limited range, lengthy charging times and of being stranded.

The new study, however, helps allay some of these concerns, finding that most people would typically break the journey anyway, with 72% going for no longer than three hours before stopping.

It reveals an average stop time of 26 minutes, enough for EV drivers to recharge both themselves and their cars. Rapid charge points, often found at motorway service stations and other locations, can typically bring an EV’s battery to 80% capacity in half an hour.

Technological advances mean that today’s EVs have three times the battery range of a decade ago, averaging 257 miles on a single charge.

Matthew Washer, Head of Connected Motor, Aviva, said: “We are at a turning point with more people considering a hybrid or fully electric vehicle than a petrol or diesel model, so it’s essential that people are confident about the transition to more sustainable driving.

“However, many people are understandably worried that an EV might run out of charge, leaving them stranded, or that they won’t be able to find a charge point. Obviously, that’s an even greater concern on a long journey.

“But what this new research reinforces is how unusual it would be to even consider making a long trip without stopping, whether that’s to use the toilet, get some food and drink, have a nap or even just stretch your legs.

“While you’re recharging your own batteries, you could be doing the same to your car. More and more public charge points are coming on stream all the time, and plugging in for just a few minutes will often give you enough power to reach your destination – plus you’ll arrive feeling much fresher, too.”

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