SSEN to help connect low carbon technologies to the grid

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution has launched a new tool to help customers connect low carbon technologies to the grid, such as electric vehicles (EVs) and heat pumps.

The tool provides automatic quotes for households and businesses and can support bulk applications, saving installers time and money.

The new LCT Connections tool represents the first time that a distribution network operator (DNO) has offered a spreadsheet upload option to its customers, to help streamline the application process.

The tool has been rigorously tested with stakeholders throughout the development process and can now be accessed via SSEN’s Connections portal.

Submitted applications are assessed through an automated process and details are provided for any additional steps required.

When applications require additional support, the new tool will automatically refer the application to SSEN’s Connections Team to help facilitate the installation process.

Every application added through the online tool will help provide a more accurate picture for SSEN of where new demand is being added to the network.

This will inform planning and investment for network reinforcement or flexibility measures, supporting cost-effective balancing of supply and demand.

Ben Harriss, Performance Manager at SSEN, said: “We are very excited to launch the LCT Connections tool which will provide a streamlined process for customers, installers and communities as they shift towards low carbon technologies.

“Ensuring installers and customers have an easy-to-use and efficient process for the connection of EVs and heat pumps is a key role for us as the network operator and part of our commitment to power change with every connection.

“With the number of EVs and heat pumps set to increase significantly throughout our distribution areas, the new tool will play a key role in ensuring we have up-to-date information and accurate demand profiles.

“This will allow us to support communities better in the transition to net zero and ensure SSEN can continue to provide them with a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity.”

Image: courtesy SSEN

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