Quentin’s Questions: Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged Show

Episode 2 of ‘Quentin’s Questions’ sees motoring broadcaster and transport campaigner Quentin Willson speak to Robert Llewellyn – owner of the world’s number one clean energy and electric vehicle channel Fully Charged.

Robert has become one of the UK’s most prominent advocates of EVs and in the interview with Quentin he talks about his passion for EVs, how he’s witnessed a huge change in public perception over the last decade, and the reasons why everyone is now talking about electric vehicles.

Robert spoke to Quentin on the set up day before this year’s Fully Charged LIVE event which took place at Farnborough International in the UK. The event is the leading clean tech and EV show in the world and will soon be being put on in Amsterdam, San Diego and Sydney.

Quentin Willson is carrying out a series of interviews with pioneers in the UK electric vehicle (EV) space on behalf of Transport + Energy. The series is being delivered in conjunction with Britishvolt – a company which is working to deliver a Gigaplant that will eventually produce enough low carbon, sustainable battery cells for over 300,000 electric vehicle battery packs per year.

During the episode Quentin and Robert reminisce about when they first started driving EVs and the progress that has since been made. Both agree that EV adoption has now reached a tipping point.

Robert Llewellyn remarks: “If there is someone who still passionately argues for the benefits of internal combustion engines, or the ‘permission to pollute’ they have lost that argument. It is a forlorn argument.”

Watch or listen to the conversation between Quentin and Robert below:

Transport + Energy’s ‘Quentin’s Questions’ series features electric vehicle campaigner Quentin Willson speaking to various leading players about the progress being made in the transition to clean transport and energy. You can find out more information about the series here.

You can watch episode 1 of ‘Quentin’s Question’s featuring National Grid’s Graeme Cooper here.

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