New report analyses EV charge point network challenges

Yotta, a provider of asset management software and services, has released a report that looks at the challenges companies have in maintaining electric vehicle (EV) charge point networks.

The study polled the opinions of UK professionals involved with the management and maintenance, installation and supply of EV charge points.

The study found that:

  • each network averages over 2,500 EV charge points, although almost two-fifths of providers (38%) are managing <2,000
  • over half the sample (58%) think their EV charging network will grow by 41% or more over the next ten years, while 11% think it will grow by 81% or more
  • overall respondents believe their asset management budget will need to be increased by 50% to manage their current/future EV charge point network
  • less than half (49%) of sites and devices are monitored in real-time using monitoring technology, and must wait wait for faults to be logged manually.

Top challenges for EV infrastructure asset managers include: ‘maintenance and repair costs’ (31%); data management of large network size (28%); and ‘engineering staff numbers’ (25%). Among the biggest impacts organisations see from ‘failing to maintain’ their EV charge points are ‘hinder growth of business’ (42%) and a loss of revenue (35%).

To find out about the challenges companies have in maintaining EV charge point networks and details of how they are building a network fit for the future with the help of efficient asset management download the full copy of the report here.

Image: Yotta

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