ITT Hub 2022: Gareth Rogers, Farnborough International

As the doors open to this year’s Innovation and Technology in Transport (ITT Hub) event at Farnborough International, Transport + Energy spoke to the venue’s Chief Executive Gareth Rogers. Here, you can find out what he’s expecting from the show this year and read his views on the challenges and opportunities brought about by the journey to Net Zero.

Q. What have Farnborough International done to reduce carbon emissions? 

A. “Over the past few years we are been looking to reduce our carbon footprint and have engaged an independent organisation to review our overall outputs and assess where were can make changes. They are completing their work at his year’s airshow and we look forward to their findings. However, in advance of this we have also taken other steps to reduce our carbon emissions such as solar panels on the roof of our main exhibition hall, significantly increased our recycling across site, reducing the number of company vehicles. In addition, we have taken a huge leap by using Biofuels as the main source of power in our temporary buildings across the Farnborough International Airshow event site which will reduce our carbon emissions in that area by 90%.”

Q. As a venue which hosts a number of events, how much of a focus is now being put on decarbonisation and is it something you’re seeing across various different industries? 

A. “It feels it has become a significant discussion topic not just in terms of operating and hosting the event itself but also with the content of the shows themselves. Rightly so, it is an almost inescapable discussion and one that seems to be being taking very seriously by exhibition organisers. Whilst moving the entire temporary exhibition market to a carbon neutral position overnight is an almost impossible task, I am definitely seeing a concerted effort by organisers and venues to create this pathway with a sense of urgency.”

Q. In terms of transport, what progress is being made in terms of decarbonising the company’s own vehicles? 

A. “In reality we don’t have a huge amount of company vehicles but in terms of our staff we have introduced a green car scheme this year open to all staff as well our the well established cycle to work scheme.”

Q. The journey to net zero is a challenging one, but what do you think are some of the key opportunities that it will bring about?

A. “I think the best thing about the journey is that is requires the need for innovation, new technologies and new ways of thinking. By extension this creates new opportunities for both businesses and individuals which can only be a good thing for the economy. The UK economy especially has been particularly adept at high technology solutions and creating significant value as a result as well as being a place to showcase and lead the world in these areas. Events like ITT Hub are a prime example of this as there will be some great examples of this type of technology across the show.”

Q. How important is collaboration when it comes to combatting climate change? 

A. “I believe it is absolutely vital for collaboration when it comes to climate change. This is not just because of the idea of bringing great minds together in order to solve a problem is always likely to lead to a more wholesome solution, but also because the what we are fighting for really maters for everyone. Naturally, there is competition in business and this will never change, however, there is a bigger prize at stake and it is vital self interest doesn’t completely trump this.”  

Q. Why is it important for different stakeholder groups to come together and exchange ideas at events such as the ITT Hub?

A. “Due to the complexities of what needs to be achieved, the solutions for decarbonisation are simply not going to be resolved by one sector of the marketplace alone. This coming together of participants and stakeholders  across the commercial vehicle spectrum to find solutions and pathways towards decarbonisation is the fundamental reason why ITT Hub exists and it is key player in leading that charge.”

Q. What are you most looking forward to at this year’s ITT Hub event? 

A. “Getting industry together to help provide solutions that can change the course of business strategies and possibly the overall direction of where some businesses are heading.”

About ITT Hub 2022

ITT Hub is the annual meeting place for the commercial road transport sector, bringing together the latest innovation and technology for bus, coach, truck, van, last mile and autonomous vehicle fleets. The event is taking place from 11-12 May 2022 at Farnborough International.

With this sector set to revolutionise as the industry transitions to net zero, the need for collaboration, learning, networking and experiencing is more potent than ever.

ITT Hub provides a platform for showcasing the latest technology, equipment and services in the indoor and outdoor exhibition, learning and collaborating at the high profile Future Logistics conference and the opportunity to experience brand new vehicles in the Ride & Drive test routes.

Energy Theatre Hub 2022

This is the place where debate and discussion on transport issues will have energy running through the heart of them.

Three panel discussions each day with transport industry guests covering the latest topics affecting energy and infrastructure, including daily distribution sessions from National Grid and Western Power Distribution, who are acting as hub partners.

Transport + Energy will be hosting a number of the sessions over the two days of ITT Hub and can be found on Stand 1028 at the event. You can register to attend here.

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