Sales of EVs remain steady in April

Figures released by New Automotive show that in April 2022 11,685 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) were sold – with one in 10 new cars registered in the UK being fully electric.

There was further evidence of a steady decline in the popularity of petrol as registrations fell from 77,500 in April 2021 to 58,400 in April 2022, or from 58% of new registrations to 54%. 

The new car market was down overall in April, from 133,555 units in April 2022 to 108,540 units in April 2021. Electric cars were the only fuel type that saw growth in both the absolute numbers and market share. 

Ben Nelmes, Head of Policy and Research at New AutoMotive, said: “There is growing interest in electric cars among UK motorists, fuelled by rising petrol and diesel prices, and increased pressure for the UK to reduce its reliance on Russian diesel.

“While this month’s data showed continued growth in the popularity of electric cars, a 10% market share for EVs could and should be better. The data highlights the need for the government to continue to support more people to access the benefits of switching to an electric car.

“It is regrettable that April saw 10,300 new diesel cars roll off forecourts. The UK is heavily dependent on Russia for its diesel imports, the lion’s share of which is used by a few drivers who do a lot of miles. These motorists are also the most exposed to rising fuel prices.

“Ministers should use every tool in the box to support those who are most dependent on their cars and who do the most miles to be first in line to get an electric car.”

The full data release is available here. You can view the data on New Automotive’s interactive dashboard, here.

Image: Shutterstock.

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