ITT Hub 2022: Ian Downie, Yutong Bus UK

Transport + Energy is carrying out a series of exclusive interviews with a number of guests appearing at this year’s ITT Hub event. This week, we chat to Ian Downie – Head of Yutong Bus UK at Pelican Bus and Coach – who will be speaking in the Energy Theatre Hub.

Q. How much progress is being made with the decarbonisation of buses?

A. “Worlwide, Yutong have supplied over 132,000 zero emission buses and coaches, and they have completed 26.2 billion kms of service. In the UK, we have seen an increase in funding for vehicles, and we are working with operators and local authorities currently. Pelican have already supplied over 180 vehicles, and with our current order bank will have over 335 buses and coaches in service by this time next year. We should also point out that we are the only manufacturer to be able to offer a zero emission coach, as well as a zero emission airside bus.”

Q. What challenges remain and how do you think they will be overcome?

A. “There is still concern that zero emission vehicles can replicate the diesel product. Our buses and coaches have battery capacity, warranty and energy efficiency that means that in year 8, we are able to complete the majority of bus service operations on a single fast charge.”

Q. Can you tell us more about the main benefits brought about by decarbonising buses?

A. “No particulates, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxides. Well to wheel greenhouse gases are 77% better than a Euro 6 diesel.”

Q. Do you think that hydrogen has a role to play?

A. “Electric vehicles are more efficient than hydrogen. Hydrogen vehicles well to wheel efficiency is 25 to 35%. Electric vehicles well to wheel is over 75%. The process to generate hydrogen is so important, and we would only advocate the use of green hydrogen. We have over 400 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in operation currently. We believe that in 2030, we will see hydrogen fuel cells and infrastructure becoming more developed. Please note that due to the energy inefficiency of hydrogen, we believe that only certain operations warrant its use, and only if green hydrogen is utilised.”

Q. What are you most looking forward at this year’s ITT Hub event?

A. “Meeting operators and local authorities in person, and discussing how Pelican can assist in their decarbonisation efforts. We are exhibiting a zero emission bus for Transport for Wales, a TCe12 zero emission coach for Turners, and our new zero emission airside bus.”

About ITT Hub 2022

ITT Hub is the annual meeting place for the commercial road transport sector, bringing together the latest innovation and technology for bus, coach, truck, van, last mile and autonomous vehicle fleets. The event is taking place from 11-12 May 2022 at Farnborough International.

With this sector set to revolutionise as the industry transitions to net zero, the need for collaboration, learning, networking and experiencing is more potent than ever.

ITT Hub provides a platform for showcasing the latest technology, equipment and services in the indoor and outdoor exhibition, learning and collaborating at the high profile Future Logistics conference and the opportunity to experience brand new vehicles in the Ride & Drive test routes.

Energy Theatre Hub 2022

This is the place where debate and discussion on transport issues will have energy running through the heart of them.

Three panel discussions each day with transport industry guests covering the latest topics affecting energy and infrastructure, including daily distribution sessions from National Grid and Western Power Distribution, who are acting as hub partners.

Transport + Energy will be hosting a number of the sessions over the two days of ITT Hub and can be found on Stand 1028 at the event. You can register to attend here.

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