Smaller bus operators could have large impact on reducing emissions

Smaller bus operators could have a huge impact on reducing harmful vehicle emissions across the UK, according to Wrightbus.

Speaking at the Association of Local Bus Managers (ALBUM) 2022 conference in Blackpool, Tom Greenshields, Head of Business Development at Wrightbus, said smaller operators across the sector were sometimes overlooked – but that they had a huge part to play in reducing emissions.

Tom Greenshields, Head of Business Development at Wrightbus, said: “Smaller bus and coach operators are absolutely vital in helping to meet the Government’s stated aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and delivering Low Emission Zones.”

“Larger city based operators are under a lot of pressure to develop zero-emission options due to emissions levels. But when you think that between them, ALBUM’s 150-plus members operate 6,040 buses – which equates to about 15% of the 40,000 buses used by local operators across Great Britain – it is clear how much of an impact they can have.

“At Wrightbus, we’re able to offer help to operators of all sizes not only with their fleets, but with telemetry, consultation on route optimisation and the installation of zero-emission support infrastructure at depots.”

Wrightbus also offers asset finance via FUZE, which offers a turnkey solution to help operators get more buses on the roads in the race to net zero. Wrightbus owner, Jo Bamford, founded the asset finance firm last year.

FUZE Finance managing director, Ben Werth, said: “We know that funding the move to a zero emission fleet can be difficult and quite daunting for smaller operators, but there’s always options available. At FUZE Finance, we can help to create bespoke finance packages that work whatever the size of the fleet and operator.

“It presents a fantastic opportunity for smaller fleet operators to play a significant part in reducing harmful emissions.”

Wrightbus is a world leader in zero-emission technology, including the creation of the world’s first hydrogen double deck bus – the Hydroliner, and a market-leading electric double deck bus – the Electroliner. It currently has the largest fleet of hydrogen buses in Europe and second largest in the world, with 90 in operation across the UK and Ireland.

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