ZipCharge to announce second phase of strategic plan

ZipCharge have released a teaser image of its next product which represents the second phase of its strategic plan to provide convenient, low-cost access to energy for everyone.

On Earth Day 2022, ZipCharge will announce a new type of infrastructure that “rethinks the role and purpose of public EV charging”.

ZipCharge’s statement reads: “[We] will ‘power communities’, providing more equitable access to charging and energy for everyone and every type of community. It will be affordable, resilient, and sustainable.

“ZipCharge will present a solution that combines charging and energy to support the global energy transition and acceleration of renewable energy.

“ZipCharge will showcase how infrastructure can manage energy in a smarter, more efficient and sustainable way.”

The new product will overcome the challenges associated with public-level 2 AC charging and provide low-cost, convenient charging accessible to everyone, no matter where they park or live. The announcement is in response to recent national US and UK government plans to expand EV charging infrastructure, with a focus on-street, in rural areas and unrepresented communities.

ZipCharge Co-founder, Jonathan Carrier, said: “We are at a critical point in our need to protect the planet and take more substantive steps towards decarbonising society and managing our energy use in a smarter way for our collective benefit. As such we believe there is a unique opportunity to reimagine the purpose and role of public infrastructure, how it integrates and serves its community, not only to provide charging but manage energy in a smarter way. We believe the ZipCharge Go can facilitate more accessible, equitable access to energy that can be used in multiple ways, not just for charging an electric vehicle.

“From the outset ZipCharge has been committed to the democratisation of energy and making EV charging more accessible to more people. Now it’s our opportunity to make EV charging part of a smart energy system, so it is more inclusive and democratic. We are excited to showcase the next stage in our journey and desire to transform how people access energy, anywhere so we can create benefits for everyone and every community, regardless of where they live, what they drive and how they move.

“Our announcement will be a natural evolution from the ZipCharge Go, and will serve to further remove common barriers to EV ownership – by bringing the possibility of charging to anyone who can’t currently plug-in at their house. In the UK alone, 8.5 million or 40% of car-owning households are without designated or off-street parking. Elsewhere, this figure reaches 60% for example in Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea and in major cities in the USA, China and India.”

Image: ZipCharge

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