Connected Kerb CEO appears on industry podcast

Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint provider Connected Kerb, is the main guest on this week’s Highways Voices – a podcast which features leading opinion formers in the highways and transport technology industries.

“Two or three years ago people thought we were a little bit nuts and a bit sort of fringy – now, actually, people are properly on board and are wanting to come and have a conversation with us – we’ve almost become the cool kids”, remarks Pateman-Jones.

In the podcast Pateman-Jones discusses how the EV charging network will advance in the next eight years and what challenges there are. However, he remains confident that it can be delivered: “When you think of the fibre deployment that’s taken place across the UK,” he says, “This isn’t impossible, there is huge opportunity here.”

In the chat with Highways Voices presenter Paul Hutton, he discusses how to deliver a socially equitable charging network, the different sorts of chargers and locations and why chargepoint operators should have the opportunity for long contracts with local authorities.

They also talk about educating the public to understand EVs. “I think there is real need for centralised campaigns to really help people to understand what the transition is like, from a non commercial perspective,” comments Pateman-Jones. “Almost like during the 1980s with the Buckle Up campaign. That’s the sort of thing that needs to be done here to really help people to understand what’s going on.”

You can listen to the podcast on the Highways News website:

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