Problematic ‘one size fits all’ approach to new-build charger legislation

From June onwards new UK government legislation will come into force that will require all new buildings to be built with an electric vehicle charger. However, industry leaders warn that adopting a one-size-fits-all approach may mean the need to replace the chargers once the homeowner moves in.

This push to encourage more people to drive electric cars could see an extra 145,000 charging points installed every year – and will ultimately take the UK a step closer to a more electrified future and its net zero targets.

Rightcharge is the leading electric car charge point and EV-friendly energy tariff comparison site.

It helps drivers choose the right charge point for their needs, connect with over 70 vetted and approved installers, and reduce bills by over £300 per year by switching to specialist home energy tariffs.

Rightcharge founder, Charlie Cook, said: “June’s legislation, ensuring that all new buildings will have an electric vehicle charger built into them, is a positive step towards encouraging more EV adoption. However, there is a risk that if a one size fits all approach is adopted then many of these chargers may need to be replaced when the occupant moves in.

“Choosing the right EV charger is dependent on many aspects such as how the home generates power, the energy tariff the occupant is on, the number of EVs at the household as well as other factors such as budget and personal tastes. I hope that when the solution is implemented it considers these factors.

“For example, homeowners that buy off-plan could be given the option of choosing their own EV charger, in the same way that they often choose appliances such as washing machines before they move in.”

Image: RightCharge

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