New video series will bust myths relating to EVs

A new video series designed to dispel myths and untruths relating to electric vehicles will be run on the Transport + Energy website. 

The myth buster videos, delivered in conjunction with Britishvolt, are designed to dispel some of the misinformation around EVs. 

The videos will be available to watch on the Transport + Energy YouTube channel and via the video section of the website. 

Ben Kilbey, Head of Communications at Britishvolt, said: “The more we leave misinformation and myths to fester and mature, the more likely they will become common folklore passed on and passed down. This can only have a detrimental effect on mass adoption of EVs, which in turn has a negative impact on a clean air future for all. Britishvolt is all about education and delivering a foundation of truth for the general public to consume and make educated choices.”

Motoring broadcaster and transport campaigner Quentin Willson said: “There’s so much moonshine, misinformation, misapprehensions and myths about EVs that Britishvolt and I thought it was time we set the record straight. Working with experienced industry voices here’s some of the usual myths busted once and for all.”

Transport + Energy Editorial Director Alec Peachey said: “The videos in this series are short, sharp and designed to bust myths quickly. Keep an eye on the website as we will be countering misinformation with hard and fast facts straight from the mouths of a range of industry experts. 

“At a time when sales of EVs continue to rise it is vital that the sector continues to educate in an effort to ensure that consumer perceptions towards zero-emission transport are well informed and based on facts. The videos will also help businesses understand that converting to electric needn’t be complicated and remove any remaining doubts that may be stopping them.”

The first video, featuring Britishvolt’s Chief Strategy Officer Isobel Sheldon OBE, busts the myth that electric vehicles (EVs) have short ranges. Watch it below:

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