Webinar & film series to build regional confidence in the use of EVs

The FASTER Project has announced a new collaboration with Dr Euan McTurk, Plug Life Consulting Ltd and Ric Boullemier, Generate Media on an exciting series of films and interactive webinars to help build confidence in the use of electric vehicles across Western Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland (Border Counties).

As part of the collaboration Plug Life Consulting and Generate Media will produce a series of educational films exploring many of the latest electric vehicles available now for motorists living in the INTERREG area.

These films will address some of the continuing myths around electric vehicle use and introduce motorists to some of the most exciting zero emission vehicles available.

In addition, the team will host a series of interactive monthly webinars which will explore the benefits and challenges of electric vehicle use and will provide invaluable guidance for those who may be considering a low or zero emission vehicle for their future transport needs.

The FASTER Project which has received €6.47 million funding under the European Union’s INTERREG VA programme will install 73 rapid charging stations (50KW +) across the programme regions.

Match-funding for the project has also been provided by the Department for Infrastructure in Northern Ireland and the Department for Transport in Ireland, as well as Transport Scotland.

Following the success of his Plug Life Television YouTube channel, Dr Euan McTurk founded Plug Life Consulting Ltd to assist academia, industry, business and government organisations on a wide range of projects within the world of battery electrochemistry, electric vehicles, energy storage and vehicle charging infrastructure.

Generate Media was founded by Ric Boullemier, with a vision to create engaging content that inspires sustainable travel.

Sharon Digby, FASTER Project Manager, said: “We are delighted to have appointed Plug Life Consulting and Generate Media to deliver this series of films and webinars which are going to be instrumental in educating the public and dispelling the many myths that often surround electric vehicles. We look forward to working in partnership with Euan and Ric in the coming months.”

Donal Monaghan, FASTER Project Officer at South West College, said: “This is a very exciting collaboration for the FASTER Project. As we seek to deliver innovative and engaging content in support of the regional transition to electric vehicles and sustainable mobility systems working with highly respected industry experts such as Euan and Ric will help ensure that the FASTER Project delivers on its ambitious commitments.”

Dr Euan McTurk said: “I’m excited to be working with Ric, his team of creatives and the FASTER team on this very important project. FASTER is delivering much-needed rapid chargers that will plug major gaps in the electric vehicle charging network, which is just as well, because the number of people, councils and companies looking into – and buying – electric vehicles is increasing at record rates.

“Our series of webinars will answer a plethora of excellent questions from EV newbies and veterans alike, covering everything from how to buy, charge and maintain an EV, to the management and expansion of the charging networks in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

“I’m also really looking forward to working with creative director extraordinaire Ric on a series of video reviews that will show a broad selection of the many different types of electric vehicles available today, and will no doubt throw in some battery education along the way.”

Ric Boullemier, Generate Media, said: “The time to make the switch to electric is now. Every day we doubt that, is a day we are doing irreparable damage to this little planet we call home.

“Having driven an electric car for many years now, I know it’s the future, and we cannot wait to create video content that will show everyone just how easy it is to make the switch. We’re also pumped to be working with Dr McTurk to help to share his vast knowledge and scientific approach to solving the sustainable travel issue.”

Image: courtesy Plug Life Consulting Ltd

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