smart, ABB and Digital Charging Solutions to offer superior charging experience

Companies partner to offer ‘comprehensive suite of solutions’ to charging and EV ownership challenges.

With its exciting new smart #1 model, the company is making its next great contribution to the electric future of mobility.

The car has been created to be the ideal urban companion and smart has therefore built an ecosystem that enables e-mobility in its entirety – rather than providing just the vehicles alone.

The integration of benchmark charging technology into this ecosystem is one of the core pillars.

With ABB E-mobility (ABB) and Digital Charging Solutions (DCS), smart has two very strong partners that are not only able to deliver outstanding technology but are also very alike in their ethos, sharing smart’s vision of how to advance the field of e-mobility.

Dirk Adelmann, CEO, smart Europe: “At smart, we believe it is the only logical step to offer our customers not just the car as means of mobility but to provide a complete proposition for real-life daily use. One of the key topics is charging and we are delighted to have found a comprehensive suite of solutions thanks to the strengths of our new partners in this area.”

Yifeng Tan, Head of Connected Cars and Products, smart Europe, said: “In e-mobility, it is exceptionally important to build partnerships with companies that are leaders in their business fields.

“With ABB and DCS we have forged relationships that are not only created around the best possible home charging and public charging infrastructure solutions, but that are also rooted in a common set of values and an absolute dedication of delivering outstanding service towards our customers. With that we create a seamless user experience through native integration of the charging services into the smart app and in-car systems.”

Through ABB E-mobility, smart will have access to a one-stop-shop for AC wallboxes and related installation services in all of smart’s European markets. This makes the process of setting up a charger very straight forward for smart customers.

The smart wallbox comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity as standard. Through a state-of-the-art RFID authentication method and a seamless integration into the smart app a convenient charging process can be guaranteed.

The products and services will be available online through a simple purchase and booking system via the smart marketplace. The set-up of the wallboxes can be booked through the system as an optional extra and will be undertaken by professional local installation partners.

Frank Mühlon, CEO ABB E-mobility, said: “We are committed to building a zero-emission future, applying the latest technology for reliable and easy to use electric vehicle charging solutions. Working with smart therefore feels very natural for us.

“Our products and solutions complement each other very well and we see great potential to jointly advance EV adoption across Europe. We are very excited for the new smart #1 and proud to be able to offer our solutions in this comprehensive ecosystem for e-mobility.”

Markus Bartenschlager, CCO & Managing Director at DCS, said: “As the leading provider for digital OEM charging services, we believe that a close meshed network of charging points is vital in making e-mobility easily accessible and feasible for daily use.

“With our network we are providing exactly this, no matter if it is charging at one’s destination or en-route. Working together with smart we can make sure that there is only one type of charging card required throughout Europe, which brings mutual benefits for all users and charging infrastructure partners.”

Image: courtesy smart

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