APT SKIDATA launches integrated park and EV charging solution

Parking solutions business, APT SKIDATA, has launched a packaged solution for car parks that makes EV charging as easy as parking, and allows EV drivers to pay for both services in one simple transaction.

Known as ‘Charge’, the new solution combines new ePlug charging stations with APT SKIDATA’s proven Parking.Logic management system to enable customers to pay for parking and charging at the same time through the standard pay machine or at the exit, without the need for any additional app or payment terminal.

APT SKIDATA’s ePlug chargepoints are available as either wall or pedestal mounted and come with a standard type two connector to a maximum of 22kW. ePlug operates alongside APT SKIDATA’s eSelector user interface, greeting users with a comprehensive charging guide and instructions. Customers can check out using a 2D barcode, QR code, or with their licence plate when an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is installed.

Steve Murphy, Managing Director of APT SKIDATA, said: “Car parks provide the ideal opportunity to charge your EV, and despite having all this space to add chargepoints, very little space is currently given over to EV charging. One of the barriers is that there has been no true integration between the parking systems but thanks to Charge this is now possible.

“Charge provides a better, more convenient solution to the customer, while helping car park operators to make their site a destination with all the benefits this brings to local communities and none of the hassle of any additional third-party integrations.

“So, if you want to add EV charging to your site is does not have to be complicated – in fact, if you can know how to use Parking.Logic, then you already know how to manage EV charging.”

Image: courtesy APT SKIDATA

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