Talking Transport + Energy with National Grid and Britishvolt

A new conversational series designed to unite professionals from two vital sectors has been launched by Transport + Energy – with National Grid and Britishvolt taking part in episode 1. 

In each episode of ‘Talking Transport + Energy’, Editorial Director Alec Peachey invites professionals from both sectors to discuss how they are working towards net zero. 

In the launch episode we hear from the following professionals: 

  • Ben Kilbey, Chief Communications Officer at battery pioneer Britishvolt, – the tech-company revolutionising the way we store renewable energy and accelerate the move to a sustainable future. 
  • Russell Fowler, Senior Project Manager for Transport Decarbonisation at National Grid – a company forming a crucial piece of the jigsaw when it comes to transporting the energy from where it’s produced to where it’s needed

In it they speak about the challenges facing the UK as it transitions to clean transport and energy, the work being done to overcome them and what the future might look like.

“The transition to clean energy is a big challenge,” says Russell Fowler. “If you want clean transport, you need clean energy. We need to make sure that we shift electricity off fossil fuels in the same way as we shift transport off fossil fuels.

“There are big investments that we need in the electricity networks to accommodate electric vehicles and other forms of clean transport. One thing we need to make sure of is that the investment in infrastructure is ahead of the need for transport.”

“I think with challenges come opportunities,” remarks Ben Kilbey. “With opportunities come solutions. Russell and I are in the industry of finding solutions and opportunities to the challenges in front of us. I think one of the biggest opportunities is the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy. For me the biggest opportunity is that all of us can come together and collaborate. For a successful energy transition, it’s going to be very collaborative. It’s going to be a new and innovative way of doing business. I think everyone knows that the biggest thing we’re trying to do here is achieve net zero.”   

You can hear more about what the guys have to say about some of the pressing issues, challenges, and solutions in the video above.

Talking about the launch of Transport + Energy’s latest initiative, Editorial Director Alec Peachey said: “The idea of these conversations is to bring together professionals from both sectors and provide an insight into the work they’re doing to get to net zero. 

“During these monthly video chats, we aim to find out about how they’re meeting the challenges head on with practical and sustainable solutions and how they might work together to deliver change. My thanks go to National Grid and Britishvolt for participating in the launch episode. It was inspiring to hear about the work both companies are doing to help us move towards a net zero future. 

“The aim is to grow a loyal audience of viewers who want to learn about the latest developments in this space. 

“With more than two-thirds of emissions from energy production, and a third of all emissions from transport, decarbonising these two sectors will lead the net-zero agenda across the world. We want to help illustrate the importance of both sectors working together to accelerate the transition to clean transport and energy.”

Each conversation will be no longer than 15-20 minutes and will feature leading opinion formers in the transport and energy industries.

If you are interested in forming part of a future episode of ‘Talking Transport + Energy’ contact Alec Peachey at

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