EV Cafe: How will the soaring cost of energy affect EVs on the road to net zero?

There will be an EV Café ‘Energy Emergency’ session to discuss the soaring price of energy in both the domestic and business sector. How will it affect the momentum on the road to net zero with electric vehicles?

According to figures from energy regulator Ofgem, there has been a minimum 33% increase in price for domestic energy. The commercial world is not subject to the price caps, so the cost of energy there is even higher.

According to the EU, the price uncertainty and volatility will continue through ’22 and ’23 driven by 400% and 260% rises in wholesale gas and electricity prices respectively. The uncertainty around the Russian situation could further exacerbate this.

So, what does this all mean for the transition to electric vehicles? Could it derail the growth we are seeing? How should, and will, the government help?

All these things and more will be discussed at the ’emergency session’ of the EV Café.

Guests already confirmed include:

Register now to join the EV Cafe at the Energy Emergency session to have your say and ask those important questions!

Image: Shutterstock

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