Consumers facing up to 18-month wait for certain electric cars

Drivers who are ready to make the switch to electric are discovering they might have to wait 18 months before they can get behind the wheel of their new car, founder and CEO of Ginny Buckley has warned.

Demand for electric cars in the UK has surged massively, with 1 in 5 cars registered in January being fully electric. This, together with a global shortage of semiconductor chips, has led to car makers slowing down production of new vehicles and caused long delays for deliveries.

Buyers could be waiting up to 18 months for popular models including the Tesla Model S and Model X, over nine months for the Skoda Enyaq iV and at least six months for the BMW i4 and iX. A Ford dealer told researchers that there was: “no chance at all” of getting a Ford Mustang Mach E.

Founder and CEO of Ginny Buckley said: “While the surge in demand for electric cars is welcome news, this has led to an unfortunate delay for many drivers who are keen to get behind the wheel as soon as possible, maybe because their current lease is coming to an end, or they are keen to cash in on the current boom in used car prices.

“The more popular the car, the bigger the delay, which is why it’s so important that buyers are aware of other routes they can take to get a new car earlier.It’s therefore worth checking at your dealership to see if there’s a brand-new car in stock, rather than a factory order.

“It may not be the exact version you’re looking for, but if you’re willing to compromise on the finishing touches such as the colour and wheels, you might be able to get hold of a car in a few days, rather than a few months.”

Drivers can also use to see the efficiency rating of their car. Launched in November 2021, the efficiency ranking standard – E-Rating™ – gives electric car buyers clarity on the most efficient models available in the UK. By choosing a more efficient electric car based on the E-Rating, electric vehicle drivers could save more than £500 in annual charging costs alone.

Waiting times by model
Tesla Model s or X – late 2023
Porsche Taycan – 12 months
Skoda Enyaq iV – 9 months+
Ford Mustang Mach E – 6-7 months
BMW i4 – 6 months
BMW iX – 6 months
Kia EV6 – 6 months
VW ID3 – 6 months
VW ID4 – 6 months
Cupra Born – 6 months
Hyundai Ioniq 5 – 4-6 months
Peugeot e208 – 4-6 months
Renault Zoe – 4-6 months
Nissan Leaf – 4-6 months
Lexus UX300e – 4 months
Jaguar i-Pace – 4 months

Image: Shutterstock.

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