On-street electric vehicle charging to be trialled by Notts council

Residents with electric vehicles (EVs) who do not have off-street parking will soon benefit from a Nottinghamshire county council trial to install on-street EV charging solutions.

The trial is the first step in helping residents with no off-street parking provision to charge their electric vehicle outside their home, rather than in public car parks, and will provide a short-term solution for residents in both urban and rural areas.

Now approved, the trial will enable residents to fund cable channels cut into the footway so that they can connect their electric vehicle to their household’s electricity supply.

Those who wish to install an EV cable will be able to apply to the county council, who will consider each request on a case-by-case basis.

Councillor Neil Clarke MBE, Chairman of the Transport and Environment Committee, said: “The approval of this trial at today’s committee meeting reinforces our commitment to climate change and creating a greener Nottinghamshire. Working in partnership with Nottingham City Council and district councils as part of the Go Ultra Low programme, electric vehicle charging points have been installed in public car parks at 23 locations across the county.

“However, we know that electric vehicles are not only owned by those with off-street parking, and so we are keen to provide an affordable solution to residents who must park their vehicles on the street.

“This approach, while only an interim measure, will really help to inform our future plans for both on and off-street electric vehicle charging solutions. The pilot will see us working with a number of different partner organisations and I am optimistic that the measures we have approved today will be of significant benefit to residents taking part.

“It is particularly interesting that homes with energy saving measures installed, such as solar panels, will be able to charge their electric vehicles directly from the energy these measures have produced. As a county, we must do all that we can to protect the environment, and that’s why it is particularly important that we make these short-term measures available.

“The proposals will also involve investigating potential EV charging options located on the highway which would be available to all of the public to use, including where in the county these may be trialled. I am really looking forward to hearing an update on this scheme at a future meeting of the Transport and Environment Committee.”

Image: courtesy nottinghamshire.gov.uk

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