Extreme E publishes first sustainability report and carbon footprint

Extreme E, the electric racing championship, has published its first sustainability report, including its carbon footprint for its first season.

The report, supported by EY, the series’ Official Innovation Partner, summarises Extreme E’s sustainability tactics and achievements throughout its first season, whilst also outlining its strategy and focus for 2022 and beyond.

Alejandro Agag, CEO and Founder of Extreme E, said: “Extreme E’s Sustainability Report is one of the most important pieces of communication we have released to date. As a sport for purpose championship, which aims to pave the way to a lower carbon future through the promotion of electric vehicles, and accelerate gender equality in motorsport, it’s important we are open and transparent about our methods and our impact.

“This is just the start of our journey and we are learning all the time, but this report details our journey to having the lowest carbon footprint in international motorsport, and the insight into how we became carbon neutral by the end of our first season.

“Together with the commitment and expertise of our partners, we are delivering a platform which challenges the way sport is traditionally run; offers tangible solutions which reduce the impact of live events; and which educates our audience on the effects of climate change, inspiring them to make positive choices about their impact on the planet.”

Extreme E’s Season 1 Sustainability Report details the series’ journey to becoming carbon neutral by the end of its first season.

Extreme E’s journey to carbon neutral was achieved through taking a series of measures which minimised its carbon footprint, measuring this emissions inventory and detailing Scope 1, Scope 2 and quantifiable Scope 3 sources, and then offsetting in full for what could not be avoided, utilising ALLCOT, a UN certified world-leader in carbon project development.

As Extreme E switches focus to Season 2, getting underway next week in NEOM, Saudi Arabia, it also outlined its objectives, targets and action focus for 2022 and beyond.

This is represented by three key pillars; Extreme Action, Extreme Impact and Extreme Responsibility, which refer to the environmental, social and governance aspects of sustainability, respectively.

These three pillars and the impact areas they cover represent the issues that are most important to Extreme E’s stakeholders and organisation, and plans are currently in development to ensure the series meets its objectives for each area.

Dr Matthew Bell, Global Leader – EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services, said: “EY is delighted to have supported Extreme E draft its Season 1 sustainability report. The report is a celebration of the significant focus that Extreme E has placed on embedding sustainability at the core of its business.

“Throughout Season 1, EY’s global Climate Change and Sustainability Services team has supported Extreme E to reduce its environment and social impacts, measure and manage its carbon footprint, and supported the development of Extreme E’s inaugural sustainability strategy.

“As a result, we are not only honoured to have been entrusted by Extreme E to draft its Season 1 sustainability report, but we are proud of the sustainability outcomes and positive impact that EY’s partnership with Extreme E has been able to achieve in its first year.”

Image: courtesy Extreme E

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