Osprey to deliver rapid EV charging across UK retail sites

Osprey Charging has announced a major retail partnership that will open up millions of customers to electric vehicle (EV) charging.

The company will work with real estate specialists Ediston to install rapid EV charging across its portfolio of retail warehouse sites in the UK. The partnership will open up rapid destination charging to customers visiting major retail brands such as Aldi, The Food Warehouse and Costa millions of times per year.

EV registrations increased by 76% in 2021 compared to 2020 and EVs are expected to overtake petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK car market by 2025. As EVs continue to grow exponentially ahead of the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles, a significant proportion of the vehicles visiting Ediston’s sites will be electric in the near future.

By offering on-site rapid EV charging services at its retail warehouse parks, Ediston says it is future-proofing its portfolio for the growing demand for EV charging and bringing an added incentive for customers to choose its sites, directly benefitting its tenants with increased footfall and dwell time. Osprey will cover all costs associated with installing and servicing the rapid charging points while sharing the profits, minimising financial risk.

Each of an initial 10 sites will host up to six high powered 150kW chargers, capable of adding 100 miles in as little as 10 minutes. The first site is a hub located at Haddington Retail Park, East Lothian, currently under construction. Further sites are expected to go into construction throughout 2022, and further charging locations added to the partnership, in line with Ediston’s expected acquisition of retail parks.

Graham Lind, Head of Retail Warehouse Asset Management at Ediston, said: With EV registrations increasing year-on-year, we’re fast approaching a new era of electric transport. On-site EV charging at retail parks will soon become an essential offering and customers will expect to be able to charge their vehicles wherever they shop and our tenants will expect us to provide the infrastructure which enables them to do so. Osprey has a proven record in delivering reliable, easy to use and rapid chargers and provide the perfect solution to attract the rapidly growing number of EV driving customers to our sites.”

The charging sites will utilise cutting-edge Tritium 75kW chargers which balance the available power to maximise delivery to the car.

Patrick Sherriff Business Development Director at Osprey Charging said: “Retail parks are prime locations for EV charging, allowing drivers to top up their EVs while making use of the retail facilities on site. Forward thinking companies like Ediston are ensuring they stay ahead of the curve by ensuring their sites are equipped to meet the needs of the growing market of EV drivers. By ‘grabbing the grid’ and securing vital connections for rapid EV chargers before its competitors, Ediston is positioning its sites as the go-to shopping destinations for EV drivers.”

This announcement is Osprey’s latest deal in the retail park sector, following previous announcements with Brookhouse Group, Reef, M7, Northumberland Estates and more due to open this year. The announcement supports Osprey’s plans to rollout 150 high powered EV charging hubs by 2024 as part of a £75 million investment programme.

Image courtesy of Osprey.

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