HERE partners with Digital Charging Solutions to enhance EV charging experience

HERE Technologies and Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS) have announced their strategic collaboration to create a seamless experience for drivers of electric vehicles (EVs).

DCS provides hassle-free access and simple payment solutions for charging an EV, relying on a network of more than 280,000 connectors in Europe and Japan.

DCS is the provider behind many OEM charging services (e.g. BMW Charging, Mercedes Me Charge, Charge my Hyundai) and the fleet solution CHARGE NOW for BUSINESS.

HERE is the leading provider of location data, digital mapping and navigation technologies for the global automotive industry. The company’s EV products and services include HERE EV Charge Points and EV Routing.

HERE EV Charge Points references 702 000 EV connectors including attributes such as location, station brand, real-time availability of charging equipment, connector information and pricing information.

HERE EV Routing delivers the most optimal route while taking into account the topography, road geometry, real-time traffic information and traffic patterns when planning trips and estimating EV battery charge range.

The service takes into account vehicles’ charging profile, energy consumption model, and can be adjusted to different driving styles, loads or weather conditions.

The collaboration between HERE and DCS will deliver global automakers with an end-to-end, seamless, in-car experience for EV drivers.

DCS brings its expertise in the field of charging station access, charging session authentication, booking and provision of the respective payment and billing services, while HERE leverages its automotive-grade mapping, points of interest and routing capabilities.

DCS services are planned to be integrated into the HERE SDK; and the integration within the consumer navigation application HERE WeGo is under consideration.

Jörg Reimann, CEO of Digital Charging Solutions GmbH, said: “Working very closely with almost every car manufacturer, our charging solutions are already integrated into the vehicles head unit of our customers. Together with HERE as leading mapping and navigation partner for car manufacturers, we see enormous potential to take the in-car charging experience to the next level.

“Using the enriched data, we can help drivers find a reliable charging station along the route which can be used with their charging service. Drivers will be able to search for the most reliable, the nearest or the most affordable charging station on their way.”

Jørgen Behrens, Chief Product Officer at HERE Technologies, said: “DCS and HERE have delivered white label solutions to the biggest automotive brands across the world. By bringing our technologies together, we intend to make finding, booking, using and paying for EV charging directly available from the vehicle navigation system or mobile companion application.

“We expect this partnership to make our EV Routing even more personalised. It is another important step on our journey to make EV driving a seamless end-to-end experience.”

Image: Shutterstock

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