New report reveals operational challenges of fleet charging

The report, compiled by PwC Strategy, Field Dynamics and National Grid, delves into the operational challenges associated with decarbonising fleets.

Over 40 fleet managers, charge point operators, local councils and investors were asked:

  • what are they doing to decarbonise fleets?
  • what are the operational challenges they face?
  • and how are they overcoming these challenges?

Behind the goal of decarbonising the transport sector lies a complex pathway that will require a collaborative approach from local councils, corporates and investors.

Many of the companies spoken to admitted they had not fully assessed the impact of fleet charging on their overall operating model. There was a growing realisation among respondents that they would have to evolve the way they operated as fleets electrified.

  • 66% said local councils had a very important role to play in providing charging solutions for fleets
  • 45% of fleet drivers will not be able to charge at home as they don’t have access to off-street parking
  • 9% of on-street homes in the UK are within a 5min walk of a charger

The report states that local councils will be a key point of connection as corporates hone their fleet charging solutions.

Local authorities are owners of potential charging estate, such as city centre car parks, and they are able to influence on-street charging solutions.

As local authorities look to electrify their own fleets, there is an opportunity for corporates to collaborate and support the creation of local solutions, from kerb-side charging to charging hubs, that will support broader private sector fleets.

Vans have been given less attention from automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) than passenger cars. The report estimates the range and choice of vans is 2-3 years behind passenger cars.

The electric vans that are available can’t cater for the full range of performance parameters that operators require.

Many fleet operators that have reviewed the available vehicles have concluded that the current options do not allow them to operate without unduly impacting service levels. Servicing is also a large and complex issue.

Fleet managers will need to work internally with different functions to build momentum and partner externally with charge point operators, to explore electrification pathways and share best practice with other corporates to learn and adapt.

Read the full report below:

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