Only 25% of electric vehicle chargers installed allow ‘rapid’ charging

RAC says its analysis has revealed that installing a high proportion of slower chargers could lead to queues on British roads, as only one-in-four electric vehicle chargers installed last year allow for ‘rapid’ charging within half an hour.

The RAC’s analysis showed that 75% of new chargers are classed as non-rapid, taking an hour or more for cars to get a good charge. The RAC stated that having access to rapid public chargers was “vital” to convincing people to switch over to EVs.

RAC analysis of government figures on new chargers showed that over the first three quarters of 2021, 4109 non-rapid chargers were installed compared with 1043 rapid and ultra-rapid chargers. Of the total 25927 chargers operating in the UK, just 4923 is classed (43kW or more) as rapid or ultra-rapid.

Sarah Winward-Kotecha, director of electric vehicles RAC, told The Telegraph: “The number of public chargers isn’t yet keeping pace with the volume of new electric cars coming onto the road, and most devices being installed are still slower ones.

“While this is fine for somebody who leaves their car at an office while they’re at work, they’re pretty unhelpful in other places like shopping centres and supermarkets where a driver’s vehicle will be parked for a shorter period.

“Neither are slow chargers ideal for motorists who rely on the public network because they can’t charge at home. What we don’t want to see are queues for charge points becoming a common sight as the electric revolution gathers pace.”

Image: Shutterstock

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