Action Net Zero campaign reaches key milestone

Last year more than five million people saw an outdoor advertising campaign in Bristol run by Action Net Zero – which was set up to help residents switch to cleaner, greener transport options.  

The campaign was launched ahead of the Clean Air Zone launch in the city and move towards net zero by 2030. 

Action Net Zero was set up last year by campaigner Pamela Barbato (pictured) to help people and businesses to make greener decisions as the city became the first in the UK to declare a climate emergency. 

She said: “I set up Action Net Zero as a movement for positive change with one simple aim, to support people to make more sustainable choices so that, collectively, we can accelerate action towards net zero. 

 “We are thrilled that in 2021 we’ve achieved a significant impact and we plan to keep on doing that by expanding across the South West next year.”  

Action Net Zero’s first campaign centred around transport which is responsible for around a fifth of all global emissions. The team launched their ‘Bristol’s Driving Change’ campaign with outdoor advertising on buses and bus shelters, breaking down myths and informing on social media and through their website, whilst building partnerships, public and private to help people navigate the emerging landscape around greener, cleaner transport.  

“Our purpose is to accelerate behaviour change by supporting people to be greener, helping guide and connect them with sustainable choices, and measuring the positive impacts to communities along the way.” 

Action Net Zero’s partners are all subject matter experts and included Good Energy, Edwards, Rightcharge, ALD Automotive, Co Charger, TLT LLP, Elmtronics and Business West.  

Action Net Zero is also aligned to local authorities and has been invited to take part in discussions by West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris. 

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “It’s great to see innovative collaborations like this supporting communities to decarbonise and helping to accelerate action at a community level. This is much needed to meet our ambitious 2030 net zero targets in Bristol and across the West of England.” 

Outcomes for Action Net Zero to date include: 

 *The outdoor media campaign around transport in Bristol estimated to have been seen by 5.9 million people. 

*106 people have signed up as transformers to share their stories as they embrace greener choices.  

*6,400 people signed up to Action Net Zero’s mailing list.  

*LinkedIn engagement has risen by 294 per cent.  

*Twitter engagement has risen by 213 per cent.  

*More than 70,000 unique visitors to the website.  

*Action Net Zero has appeared in 19 publications, taken part in two BBC radio interviews and been invited to speak at eight relevant events to date.  

Action Net Zero partner Natasha Volkk, of law firm TLT LLP, said: “The way the campaign has been received across the South West has been brilliant – we’re looking forward to the next stage.” 

Pamela added: “This is just the start. We have ambitions to take this even further and roll out Action Net Zero rapidly, supporting more cities and regions. The COP26 event this year was the catalyst we all need to really embrace sustainable change and act now; collectively we can support cleaner air, reduce carbon and help grow the green economy.  Action Net Zero exists to make the journey to net zero easier, saving people time and money.” 

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