Driving an EV home for Christmas

EEVEE Mobility, the company creating digital products and services that make the electric vehicle charging and driving experience easier, has issued a series of tips to help EV drivers potentially reduce their costs and make their trips safer when driving home for Christmas.

The EEVEE Driver app helps make owning an electric vehicle ownership more transparent, efficient and cheaper and has been downloaded 75,000 times in 63 countries.

Research (by the RAC and INRIX) suggested that this week could be the busiest festive getaway on our roads in five years, with 27m trips planned.

The tips from EEVEE are available via the app and include:

  1. Charge your battery to a max of 80%, it will extend the lifetime of your battery
  2. Only charge your battery to 100% before long-distance trips, otherwise keep it till 80% max
  3. The healthiest state of charge for your battery is between 30% and 80%
  4. Rapid charging sessions cause high currents and high temperatures which will strain your battery. There’s no big problem with supercharging multiple times per week but try to use them only when needed
  5. Charging the last 20% of your EV’s battery could take almost as long as it did to get to the first 80%.
  6. Remove roof racks or rear racks when you’re not using them, they shorten your driving range
  7. Try to decelerate as much as possible by using regenerative braking, it will minimise your energy consumption.
  8. Using your EV’s eco mode will make your accelerations gentler which saves battery life.
  9. Improperly inflated tires will increase energy consumption and drain your battery.
  10. Try choosing energy-efficient routes in your EV’s navigation system.
  11. Fast acceleration is nice when driving an EV but never forget it eats away your battery.

Image courtesy of EEVEE.

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