Multevo leads on sustainable highway maintenance

Digital innovation and dual-fuel hydrogen technology aids the nationwide contractor to deliver a low carbon service.

Since 2010 the company has been the exclusive UK distributor for the Multihog range of multi-purpose compact tractors and sweepers with a hire fleet of over 55 machines.

Multevo operates the machines with much success on the strategic network arriving within a closure with a range of attachments to undertake verge and barrier mowing as well as edging or siding out in addition to heavy duty mulching or arb applications.

Most of Multevo’s Multihogs operate on the local highways network for carriageway and footway repairs utilising the proven planer attachment whilst many council customers also use the machines for winter resilience or flood water pumping to name but a few other functions.

The growth aspirations of the company are built around continuous innovation with has led to the development of a new dual-fuel hydrogen and diesel technology system that can be applied to the Multihogs to further reduce their impact on the environment.

In addition to fleet fuel-efficiency optimisation through cutting edge technology, Multevo have also been a paper-free contractor since 2018 through the development of their own App which has greatly reduced their carbon footprint.

When Multevo setup a contracting division five years ago, their aim was to be an exemplar in the industry and embracing digital innovation has allowed the business to streamline its processes to manage quality, safety, productivity, and the efficiency of their operations.

The Multevo App provides a transparent audit trail for Multevo’s customers, recording critical information such as road repair outputs and quality, HAVS exposure, pre-use checks as well as HSEQ audits and accident statistics.

The information is then fed into a real-time custom report dashboard which can be accessed by management and customers at all times.

Josh Sweeney, Director of Marketing & Growth, said: “Because of the nature of working with an innovative multi-purpose machine, our ethos has always been to identify better ways or working by utilising less equipment more effectively which has helped us progress our sustainability agenda into our service offering. We are experienced in using one machine for several applications on site and this has helped strengthen our approach.

“Whilst using a multi-purpose tool helps to deliver significant advantages from an efficiency point of view, we identified early on that our machines are typically engaged 75% of the time whilst on site compared to 30% as an industry average for plant.

“By integrating our dual-fuel technology onto the existing Multihog chassis we have now been able to displace diesel consumption by 40% which is another huge step in achieving improved sustainability in our operations.”

Multevo’s Head of Compliance and Sustainability, Stuart Allen, said: “The App enables us to continue to maximise our service through digital innovation, that delivers smarter, more efficient working on the frontline and data analytics that allow us to make better more informed decisions, so we can concentrate our resources on what matters most – bringing added value to our customers.”

Image: courtesy Multevo

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