Costain enters three-year partnership with Elmtronics

Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure expert, Elmtronics, has secured a three-year partnership with smart infrastructure solutions company, Costain, to help it transition its UK fleet to EVs.

With a history stretching back to 1865, Costain is a UK business which aims to improve people’s lives by delivering integrated, digitally optimised smart infrastructure solutions to meet national needs across energy, water, transportation and defence.

The company has recently joined the EV100 Climate Group and pledged to switch its own fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) as part of its Climate Change Action Plan to be net zero by 2035 at the latest.

In spring 2021, Costain set out to find a partner who could provide EV charging infrastructure to power its 3,000 -strong fleet.

Natasha Fry, Associate Consultant at Elmtronics, said: “As well as needing future-proofed charge points to keep their fleet on the move now and in years to come, Costain was looking to work with a supplier who could also provide an easy-to use back-office software system to manage its entire EV network across all its sites.”

12 charge points have now been installed at Costain’s head office in Maidenhead and a further six at its Manchester site. Over the next three years, charging infrastructure will be installed across all Costain’s UK offices, so the company can support the growing use of EVs by staff, clients, supply chain and partners.

Mark Ashenden, Head of Supply Chain: Fleet and Plant at Costain, said: “Elmtronics has worked closely with us throughout the procurement process to develop the charging solution that Costain was looking for. Their collaborative approach gives me confidence that the relationship will continue to develop and that they will be key to helping us achieve our target for a net zero company car fleet by 2030, as part of our Climate Change Action Plan.”

Elmtronics’ Hubsta software connects all the charge points under one network, so Costain can easily create user accounts for staff and monitor how much C02 is being saved, while staff can use the Hubsta app to access not only Costain’s own charge points, but also a network of other compatible charge points nationwide.

“Choosing the appropriate, future-proofed charge points for any business is crucial to protect a business’s investment and support them to keep their EV fleet on the road,” added Natasha Fry. “We’re delighted to be named as Costain’s chosen workplace charge point supplier and support the team to understand the most appropriate infrastructure for their sites right across the UK.”

Image: courtesy Elmtronics

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