Commercial transport industry urged to ‘act now’ at ITT Hub Conference

The commercial transport industry has been urged to ‘act now’ on strategies to reach net zero, implement biofuels into operations and attract the next generation of professionals by industry-leaders at the ITT Hub Conference.

Organised in association with Logistics UK, the one-day conference, which took place at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre on 24 November, was dedicated to identifying and examining the challenges and opportunities of decarbonising fleets following the significant UN Climate Change Conference, COP26 in Glasgow earlier this month, which focused heavily on the transport industry.

From the collection of data, understanding the costs and ROI of new vehicles and technology and how new policies may affect operations, industry leaders and international innovators took to the stage to discuss and develop plans to undertake massive electrification, switch to cleaner fuels and reduce waste as a collective industry.

Peter Plisner, former BBC Midlands Transport and Business Correspondent, who hosted several sessions of the conference, summarised the day’s discussions: “COP26 was able to debunk some of the myths surrounding climate change and the path to zero emissions, but the message is clear: ‘don’t wait for policy, act now’, and the commercial operators are responding to this, with a ‘can do’ attitude.”

On the topic of ‘Biting the bullet and going Zero Emission’, EV Café’s session discussed that while the want and need is there to act on zero emission strategies, the industry isn’t necessarily ready.

Sara Sloman, Elmtronics, stated: “To service and repair the vehicles of the future, 75,000 new technician recruits are needed and there are currently only 15,000 projected to be placed in industry.”

With the skills gap becoming increasingly detrimental to the future of implementing sustainable changes, and the growing interest of sustainability-focused careers, the industry must work together to promote the sector as a compelling career choice for the next generation of professionals.

ITT Hub will be supporting the progression of this discussion by hosting skills content at ITT Hub 2022 to support conversations on the recruitment, retainment, and training of talent.

Through making immediate changes, such as switching to biofuels and biomethane, and collaborating with the government to set vital policies and investment in support of a net-zero arena, the industry can make positive developments in creating a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

Mark Griffin from ITT Hub, said: “It was brilliant to gather as an industry to have a timely discussion on the monumental outcomes of COP26, while the topic of net zero is at the forefront of global news. With so many fleet professionals present at this conference, the insights and outcomes shared across the sessions will help steer the industry’s focus over the next 6-12 months.

“We understand that it is imperative to provide a platform to collaborate and discuss positive change and progress the commercial transport industry into the future all year round, so we are looking forward to the industry reconvening at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre on 11-12 May for our exhibition and conference.”

Image: courtesy ITT Hub

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