Octopus Energy and National Grid report highlights benefits of switching to EVs

The report, Full charge – electric vehicles and a decarbonised future, provides easy-to-access stats and information to help combat some of the myths around EVs, covering essential areas of information and the kind of FAQs generally heard from the public.

The report covers four main areas that highlight the benefits of switching to electric vehicles (EVs): they are fun to drive and easy to use, they are more cost effective and increasingly affordable, they are better for the environment and they help support a decarbonising grid.

The report also features such need-to-know information as:

  • the average range of an EV is 215 miles, whilst the average daily journey by a car is just 20 miles
  • in the UK, there’s now over 26 thousand charge points. In England, you’re never further than 25 miles from one
  • EVs are cost effective. They require less maintenance than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, financial incentives make the cost of living with an EV lower than an ICE vehicle and the ever-growing second-hand EV market is helping drive down pricing
  • 22% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from surface transport – EV uptake will help cut this thanks to zero tailpipe emissions
  • smart charging, flexible tariffs and innovative tech such as Vehicle-to-Grid are enabling EVs to support the broader transition towards a smarter, more sustainable grid.

Image: Shutterstock

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