Construction industry launches vision for net zero roads

The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) have published a route-map to achieve net zero targets in highways maintenance and construction.

CECA’s Building Net Zero Roads recognises that we are living in a climate emergency and addresses how industry can work with Government and clients to deliver a sustainable road network for the long term.

Roads still form the critical backbone of our economy. Sectors heavily dependent on the Strategic Road Network already contribute £314 billion in GVA to England’s economy and will grow with further investment.

There are five ways to achieve net zero roads, but the key is by reforming the procurement process.

CECA believes we must work together to:

  • define net zero
  • deliver net zero via procurement and Most Advantageous Tender not lowest price and by reforming our frameworks
  • invest in innovative solutions
  • include net zero in standards and accreditations
  • create a smoother transition to greener plant and machinery.

CECA’s paper is complemented by a practical guide for SMEs on how they can also be part of the low carbon solution.

Commenting on today’s publication, CECA Director of External Affairs Marie-Claude Hemming, said: “The challenges of climate change cannot be overestimated, and how we build and maintain our roads plays a key role in futureproofing our planet.

“A key avenue for change is procurement reform, and the forthcoming Procurement Bill which will soon be published for Parliament’s approval offers the perfect opportunity to embed the principles of whole life asset cost into the procurement process, combined with innovative delivery.

“But we cannot do this alone. Our drive to net zero roads, is one small part of a combined national and global effort to reduce emissions.

“As such CECA will continue to work closely with governments and public bodies on how can sustainably build the world class infrastructure we so urgently need.”

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