SSEN’s Powering Net Zero website to help customers on their Net Zero journey

As world leaders gather in Glasgow to progress action in tackling climate change, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution has launched a specially developed website to power its customers on their own journey to net zero.

The SSEN Powering Net Zero site ( has been designed to help SSEN’s 3.8 million customers across the north of Scotland and central southern England learn more about the role local electricity networks play in the transition to a net zero UK, and how they can start to switch to greener living in their everyday lives.

The Climate Change Committee’s Sixth Carbon Budget outlined expectations that electricity demand could double by 2035, as people across the UK start to make the switch to low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles and heat pumps.

The UK and Scottish Government have set ambitious targets for the decarbonisation of transport and heat, mandating the end of petrol and diesel sales by 2030 and from 2028, the installation of 600,000 heat pumps per year.

In SSEN’s distribution network areas alone, this means that the number of EVs on the road is set to rise exponentially from around 30,000 today to 1.3 million by 2028, with 800,000 heat pumps installed by this time.

Through a series of interactive pages, the Powering Net Zero site guides web users through an informative journey detailing how they can be part of the green revolution, with helpful sections on electric vehicles (EVs), heat pumps, energy efficiency and information on future smart networks; all designed to help SSEN’s customers find their path on the road to net zero.

Explaining how SSEN’s networks are being designed, built and maintained for a net zero world, the site challenges users to undertake the ‘Are you EV ready?’ quiz, to help them decide how and when the move to net zero motoring is right for them.

Users can also explore how their own local network is evolving to support new electricity demand through interactive heat maps, which show current and future density of low carbon heating systems, such as heat pumps, and the locations of existing and planned electric vehicle charge points across postcode areas.

Chris Burchell, Managing Director of SSEN Distribution, said: “Climate change is a global problem that requires local solutions, and energy networks have a key role to play in bridging the gap between Government ambition and action for customers and communities.

“We’re investing in our network so that it can support the doubling of electricity demand that is anticipated over the next decade, as customers switch to new low carbon technologies such as EVs and heat pumps.

“But investing in the capacity of our network is only one important element. We’re also developing our system to become smart and flexible to empower customers and communities to take control of their energy use and interact with their local electricity grids in new and exciting ways.

“It’s important that we support customers on this journey, by providing them with the information they need to make informed choices and give them the confidence to make the switch to low carbon technologies.”

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