ElectriX aims to put the spark back into driving

LV= General Insurance has recently launched ElectriX, a source of information and experience for anyone who is thinking about making the switch to an electric car. Their Head of EV Gill Nowell tells Transport + Energy why, and what to look out for on the new website.

Electric cars are our future, and are rapidly gaining in popularity as being great cars to own and drive. More battery electric cars have already been sold in 2021 than in the whole of 2020. The tide is turning in favour of zero tailpipe emission vehicles, but we still have a long way to go. This is where ElectriX comes in. Powered by LV= General Insurance, ElectriX plans to put the spark into driving electric, and take the hassle out of electric car ownership. We’re giving drivers thinking about making the switch access to useful information, products and services, demystify some of the common jargon used and be a source of truth when it comes to zero tailpipe emission driving. 

ElectriX takes drivers on a journey of electric car discovery, from helping people decide on whether an electric car is right for them, through to understanding how to charge an electric car, and what it will cost to own and run one.  

I’m delighted to have recently joined the business to head up communications for ElectriX. It’s really important that we continue to work hard to bust some of the common myths surrounding electric car ownership. For example, LV= General Insurance research found that 40% of people across the UK are put off getting an electric car because they don’t think they can go very far. If we consider that 99% of all car journeys in the UK are probably less than 100 miles, and the average daily mileage is around 23 miles, then we start to see that electric cars will work for most people, most of the time – especially when over half of all electric cars on the market today will go for over 200 miles on a single charge, and over one third have a range of over 250 miles. Range anxiety can pretty quickly be put to bed. 

The ElectriX website is just the start. Watch this electric car-shaped space!

For more information on ElectriX visit https://www.lvelectrix.co.uk/ or email electrix@lv.co.uk.

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