MAXUS deliver 1000th vehicle to VMS Fleet Management

Leading fleet management company VMS has bought 1,000 commercial vehicles from MAXUS, with a number of the vans purchased coming from the company’s electric vehicle (EV) range.

The sale is deemed one of the biggest deals struck by the commercial vehicle brand in the UK to date. Significantly, 60 per cent of all MAXUS vehicles purchased by VMS Fleet Management are from MAXUS’ EV range with 500 e DELIVER 3s and 150 e DELIVER 9s joining the VMS fleet since September 2020.

Mark Barrett, General Manager of Harris MAXUS, commented: “The deal with VMS Fleet Management is an important one for MAXUS and comes at an exciting time for the brand as our sales hit an all-time high. At MAXUS we take pride in going the extra mile, be it through our customer service or our range and model choice. We also take the time to get to know our customers and their needs. Many companies across the UK are considering making the switch to EVs right now. But some businesses do not yet have the infrastructure needed for a fleet of EVs, VMS is aware of this too and it is why it chose to purchase a fleet of MAXUS DELIVER 9s as well as our electric range. If your fleet is due an upgrade, our experts can help assess if now is the right time for you to make the switch to EV, we will help you make the transition and advise on what infrastructure you need or help you choose the right mix of engines for your business.”

Martin James, Managing Director, VMS Fleet Management, commented: “This MAXUS deal is a significant investment for VMS but one that we know will stand the test of time. We were hugely impressed by the range, reliability and versatility of MAXUS vans, especially with the EV range as we’re currently expanding our electric fleet and we recognise the huge emphasis that the team place on customer service. Price, or more importantly, value for money, was obviously key and MAXUS is incredibly competitive. We are delighted to be able to offer our customers a variety of MAXUS vehicles, whether they’re looking for an EV with strong range, or a trusty diesel for longer journeys. We have also converted some of the MAXUS vehicles into temperature-controlled vans so our customers in pharmaceuticals and within the food sector have additional support where required.”

VMS is one of the UK’s leading commercial vehicle and fleet management solutions providers, offering contract hire, accident management, refrigeration services, vehicle hire and a variety of support services nationwide. The company confirmed that the bulk of its new MAXUS fleet will be leased to customers in the construction and supermarket sectors.

The purchase on 1000 MAXUS vans by VMS Fleet Management is just one of a number of significant deals for MAXUS over the past 12 months and follows the recent purchase of 750 fully-electric commercial vehicles by DPD, which was made up of 500 MAXUS e DELIVER 9s and 250 MAXUS e DELIVER 3s.

Image courtesy of MAXUS/VMS.

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