UK to shift to clean energy grid by 2035 says PM

Boris Johnson has said the UK government intends for all electricity generation to come from clean sources by 2035.

The PM said: “We can do for our entire energy production by 2035 what we’re doing with internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030.

“From 2030, you won’t be able to buy any more a new hydrocarbon-fuelled internal combustion engine car and we’re going to move either to electric vehicles (EVs) or vehicles powered by hydrogen or clean power of one kind or another.

“And what we’re also saying is that by 2035, looking at the progress we’re making in wind power – where we lead the world now in offshore wind – looking at what we can do with other renewable sources, carbon capture and storage with hydrogen potentially, we think that we can get to complete clean energy production by 2035.”

Ending gas-fired electricity generation in the UK by 2035 – 11 years after coal-fired electricity generation will legally be required to cease – means the entirety of the UK’s electricity generation would be accounted for by renewables combined – primarily wind and solar with some nuclear.

During each month in 2020, an average of 41% of generation was accounted for by these sources, according to the National Grid.

Image: Shutterstock

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