Here Technologies creates interactive EV range map

Compiling range data from 116 car models, the map compares how far an EV can drive from any point in the UK, with the ability to select from a Hatchback, Saloon, SUV or even Golf Cart.

Using 10 Downing Street as its starting point, the map demonstrates how the Prime Minister could just about make it to Chequers on a humble electric golf buggy, leaving him options should his five-litre V8 Jag run out of fuel.

A typical electric saloon car could even drive from Plymouth to Nottingham on a single charge.

Commenting on the map findings, Filip Klippel, Automotive Manager at HERE Technologies, said: “The fuel shortage has affected millions across the UK, but electric vehicle (EV) drivers have sailed through the crisis worry-free. Not only do EVs have no reliance on fuel, but the average electric car could drive across half the country before needing to charge. Even the Prime Minister could just about make it from Downing Street to Chequers riding a humble electric golf buggy.

“However, the ban on petrol and diesel cars is slowly creeping up, and with less than nine years remaining, there’s still a way to go to build the infrastructure required to sustain mass EV adoption. Without more charging points implemented across the country, we could easily see a similar scenario reoccurring in the future, but with EVs rather than fuel.

“London is setting an example for the rest of the UK, with its Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) programme leaving EVs exempt from paying congestion charges. This, combined with the fuel shortage, could prompt an uptick of EV sales, driving both the capital and the broader nation toward a sustainable future.”

Image: Shutterstock

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