Clean Air Power announces the release of new hydrogen injector range

Specialist sustainability business, Clean Air Power, has released a new internal combustion range which digitally controls hydrogen gas flow into engines.

The release of a hydrogen injector that doesn’t require lubricant, helps address the challenges of delivering hydrogen into the combustion chamber of an engine, as well as assisting the increasing move away from fossil fuel dependence.

DigiJet products can be used across a wide range of industries including on-road, off-highway, rail, maritime and motorsport. The injectors can be provided in configurations and ratings to suit a range of applications.

This next generation of products represent an evolution of the current technology, bringing recognised reliability and durability to hydrogen injection and offering a compact and affordable solution.

Dan Skelton, CEO of Clean Air Power, said: “As we celebrate 25 years of pioneering hydrogen injection products, we are very excited about the potential for our DigiJet range. The addition of direct injection capability to our portfolio is a key step for us, opening up a wide range of new green fuel applications such as hydrogen and ammonia.

“Our technology has revolutionised gas injection and fluid control during the past quarter of a century, creating new markets for low carbon gas and digital hydraulics. DigiJet will further our reputation for developing affordable, multi-application solutions.

“The products will help accelerate decarbonisation and the move to zero emission power. The need to tackle the impact of fossil fuels on our climate has been a focus for Clean Air Power since we very first started.”

Image: Shutterstock

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