Transport + Energy launches editorial board

Transport + Energy has launched an editorial advisory board which is made up of key figures from both sectors. 

Members will offer insight about marketplace happenings; give thoughts and opinions on topical issues, provide ideas for features and news contributions and help to steer the editorial direction of the brand.

Representatives from the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce, Energy Systems Catapult, Zemo Partnership, EVA England, BEAMA, UK 100, REA, Energy Networks Association, TRL (Transport Research Laboratory), National Grid and Elmtronics have all joined the board. 

Editorial Director Alec Peachey said: “I’m delighted to introduce to readers our editorial advisory board. The board is made up of experienced experts from the transport and energy sectors.

“Having launched Transport + Energy at the start of 2021 we have made great progress in delivering the latest news and information to help professionals from both industries come together and do their jobs more effectively.

“With an ambition to make the UK net zero by 2050, transport and energy plans need to be brought together to ensure the UK’s transition is successful.

“The recent launch of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan has further shone a spotlight on what needs to be done and there are some big challenges to overcome. The launch of our editorial board will help us take an important step forward as we continue to provide business-critical information to help accelerate the decarbonisation of both industries.

“It is a real honour to be able to call upon the knowledge and experience of our fantastic editorial board who will help ensure that our content continues to meet the needs of the sectors. Our board members cannot wait to get started and to help us to unite the two sectors. Keep an eye on our channels for further exciting developments in the coming months.”

See below for a full list of members and what they had to say about joining the editorial board:

Gill Nowell, Director, EVA England

“Bridging the gap between the transport and energy sectors is critical to ensuring a smooth transition to mass adoption of electric vehicles, and is a challenge I’ve personally been working on since 2012. This is why I am delighted to be joining the Transport + Energy editorial board, to help shape the future of communications in this area.”

Philip New, Chair of Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce and CEO of Energy Systems Catapult

“The electrification of transport drives massive change and disruption in both the auto and energy sectors. For cars it is self-evident while in energy the potential consequences for our networks, our markets, the need to embrace digitalisation and the involvement of consumers presages the complete transformation of the energy industry necessary over the 30 years. Daunting yet massively exciting as individual challenges, they are also deeply co-dependent and will need to become intertwined to an extent never seen before, as the car battery becomes an intrinsic part of the energy system. Transport + Energy addresses this critical convergence.”

Jacob Roberts, Transport Policy Manager at REA (The Association for Renewable Energy & Clean Technology)

“Throughout my career, I have witnessed and supported organisations making significant achievements to reduce emissions from transport. As a member of the Transport + Energy editorial board, I am proud to have the opportunity to promote some of these achievements and raise awareness of the UK’s incredible capacity for net-zero innovation and action across the transport and energy sectors.”

Jonathan Murray, Policy and Operations Director at Zemo Partnership 

“I’m very pleased to be joining the Transport + Energy editorial board. From my perspective as coordinator of the EV Energy Taskforce I’m fully aware of the potential benefits that the electrification revolution in UK transport can bring to the UK’s energy system and to drivers and energy consumers if we do this right. T+E has an important role in helping to bring many diverse and previously unfamiliar actors together who can help us harness the potential this transition has to offer.”

Jeremy Yapp, Head of Flexible Energy Systems at BEAMA

“I am excited to join the editorial board of Transport + Energy, which in its first few months has already had a discernible, positive impact on the level of informed debate about the energy and mobility transition under way in the UK. This is such an exciting time for the energy and transport sectors, but there remain a great many challenges to overcome – some related to the laws of physics, and others of our own making. I am proud to be part of a team working to address the challenges and to make the road transport of the near future more sustainable, more efficient, and less polluting. As a member of the EV Energy Taskforce Steering Group and manager of BEAMA’s Smart Buildings and EV Infrastructure groups, I am especially looking forward to helping these sectors coordinate the electrification of road transport with the decarbonisation of the energy system and the built environment.”

Paul Kirby, electric van expert and former head of LCV and EV strategy at Vanarama 

“Transport is needing to travel a new road, one powered by clean, emission free, energy! For the first time these segments have to engage, collaborate and rethink the journey. Ensuring the route is without potholes and pitfalls! Vans play a huge part in the transport sector and, as such, need dedicated consideration to ensure viability and effectiveness. Transport + Energy brings these essential communities together and the opportunity to champion and support my beloved vans and the transition to zero emission through this medium is an immense privilege.”

Ross Easton, Director of External Affairs at Energy Networks Association 

“The decarbonisation of transport will be a vital step in reaching net zero by 2050, and 2045 in Scotland. Our energy networks are key to enabling this transition. Networks sit at the heart of the energy system transformation and will unlock broader net zero possibilities. There’s no getting away from the fact that stakeholders from both the transport and energy sectors must work closer together than ever before. I’m looking forward to playing an active role in the editorial board, by both listening to the challenges facing other groups involved in reaching net zero and representing the views of networks who will play a key role in the journey.”

Image: ENA

Dr Anthony Velazquez, Head of Environment and Decarbonisation at TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) 

“I am pleased to be joining the editorial board of Transport + Energy to influence and accelerate the decarbonisation of transport. Joining the board will help me to remain on top of the innovations in the sectors. The transport and the energy sectors need each other. Energy needs transport (from moving materials for energy infrastructure to energy sources themselves) and transport needs energy. Both are sides of the same coin.”

Sara Sloman, Head of Future Mobility Partnerships, Elmtronics

“Elmtronics are an award-winning electric vehicle charging Infrastructure provider working with fleets and residents across the UK. We know how incredibly important it is that the transport and energy sectors work closely together to ensure the energy powering the electric vehicle transition comes from renewable resources. We want to support Transport + Energy to bring of-the-moment news, up to date and accurate accounts of policy and national change. We are a passionate and committed electric vehicles charging community, focussed on clean energy and collaboration and are looking forward to working with the board.”

Dr Russell Fowler, Senior Project Manager – Decarbonisation of Transport, National Grid

“I have spent a large chunk of my career looking at how we can decarbonise transport in the energy sector. I consider it an accolade and a responsibility to be on the editorial board for Transport + Energy. Bringing these two sectors together has never been more important if we are going to tackle the greatest challenge of our time. We know that transport emissions have an enormous impact on air quality and, consequently, our health. Moving to electric, hydrogen and other forms of clean propulsion are on the horizon. New vehicles, the energy consumed and the necessary supporting infrastructure will need to be ubiquitous if we are really going to make a difference. I also believe that decarbonising transportation is a great opportunity for our economy. As a member of the editorial board I believe that the Transport + Energy title is a great way for the two sectors to work together by sharing ideas, stories and  having conversations to make a real difference.”

Jason Torrance, Assistant Executive Director, UK100 

“I’m pleased to be joining the Transport + Energy board to work with others in partnership and collaboration to unlock the action needed to tackle the climate emergency.” 

You can find out more information about the background of our editorial board members here.

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