RAC and British Gas launch EV charger installation and electricity tariff

The RAC and British Gas have joined forces to make it easier and more affordable for drivers to make the switch to an electric car with a home EV charger installation and specialist electricity package.

The new partnership means customers can have a smart 7kW home charge point installed by a British Gas engineer and take advantage of a bespoke electricity tariff with cheaper off-peak overnight charging.

Having a home charge point on a competitively priced electricity tariff makes running an electric car much easier, cheaper and greener, by making use of excess renewable energy when demand is low overnight.

Customers who want to have a home charge point installed via the RAC have the choice of two models – with either fixed or removable cables – made by Alfen. Both come with a three-year warranty and are installed by a British Gas trained EV installer. The Alfen Eve S-Line Untethered can be installed from £659 and Alfen Eve S-Line Tethered from £745.

Both chargers can be controlled via a smartphone using the Hive app. This makes charging more convenient, as it not only allows drivers to see if the car is plugged in and charging, it also helps them save money as they can choose to schedule charges to take place overnight when the electricity rate is cheaper.

The RAC and British Gas partnership also gives customers access to a highly competitive home electricity tariff specially designed to make overnight electric car charging cheaper than with a conventional tariff.

The RAC-e Recharge Electric Car Tariff saves customers money, with charging between 12-5am GMT costing 6p per kWh. As charging can be scheduled via the Hive app, potential savings could be up to £300 on a home electric bill.

British Gas will match 100% of the electricity used for this tariff to electricity from renewable sources. Prices can even be fixed until 30 June 2023.

In order to take advantage of the RAC-e Tariff, which has no exit fee, customers will need to have a British Gas electric smart meter installed so their off-peak charging can be tracked. If a property doesn’t have an existing British Gas smart meter, one will be fitted free of charge. 

RAC director of EVs, Sarah Winward-Kotecha, said: “We’re very excited to have teamed up with British Gas to offer home charge points and a bespoke EV electricity tariff as they’re as synonymous with taking care of people’s energy needs as we are with fixing and rescuing cars. 

“Working with trusted names like British Gas and Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions means customers can now – through the RAC – lease some of the most popular electric cars at market-leading prices and get a smart home charge point installed with a specialist energy tariff that offers cheaper off-peak EV charging. 

“Combine all this with RAC EV breakdown cover, which is unrivalled in the roadside assistance market, and drivers now have everything they need to affordably switch to a zero-emission car with complete peace of mind.”

Americo Lenza, portfolio director at British Gas, said: “Working in partnership with the RAC allows us to provide a unique proposition for those looking for hassle free motoring. For the first time, drivers can now combine the vehicle, the charger, the green energy, the servicing and the breakdown cover in one place. Supporting customers with cost effective ways to make the change to electric is vital as we transition away from petrol and diesel cars. Once you’ve switched, you’ll never go back.”

Image: courtesy British Gas

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