ESB unveils first high power EV eight-bay charging hub

ESB has unveiled its first eight-bay, high power electric vehicle charging hub, located at Junction 14, Mayfield on the M7, Monasterevin, Co Kildare.

The high power charging hub is capable of providing 100km of charge in as little as six minutes.

The bay will contain three high power chargers (350kW) and one fast charger (50kW) which can charge up to eight EVs at any one time.

The launch of the high power EV charging hub is part of a €20m investment programme financed by the Government’s Climate Action Fund and ESB, which will see the expansion and enhancement of the public EV charging network.

ESB aims to deliver 50 hubs as it continues to invest in the upgrade of its charging infrastructure. Under the Climate Action Fund project, ESB has already installed six high power hubs allowing three EVs to charge at one time, has replaced over 590 charge points and upgraded 31 chargers to faster speeds.

Marguerite Sayers, Executive Director, Customer Solutions at ESB, said: “The electrification of transport is a key component of ESB’s low carbon strategy for a brighter future. Today’s announcement of the first eight vehicle high power EV charging hub is a significant milestone as we work to meet the growing number of EVs on Ireland’s roads.

“This new 350kW high power charging hub, as part of our overall upgrade works, will significantly reduce charging time for EV users. When you couple this with at-home charging, it really signifies a positive next step for current and future EV drivers in Ireland.”

Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications and Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan TD, said: “The availability of high-power charging infrastructure on key national routes is critical for EV drivers who need to travel longer distances. Through our Climate Action Fund, we will continue to invest and maintain a world-class national charging network that supports the country’s transition to EVs.

“This new hub, launched by ESB today, and the others that will follow, will encourage more drivers to go electric, cut their fuel costs and reduce our carbon emissions.”

Liam Fitzpatrick, Director of the Lidon Group who are responsible for managing Mayfield Services, said: “We are delighted that Junction 14 Mayfield will be the first ESB service partner in Ireland to have an eight bay high power electric charging hub. Having opened this Motorway Services facility on the M7 10 years ago, we have seen the demand for EV chargers growing steadily throughout that time, and we are very conscious here of the need for more availability, innovation, and better charging speed.

“Today is a hugely significant day for Junction 14 Mayfield and ESB with such a strong commitment being made to carbon reduction and sustainable travel for the future through this joint venture.”

Image: Shutterstock

When complete, the high power hub network across the country will cater for significantly large numbers of EVs. There are three tiers of high power charging hubs – tier one allows up to eight EVs to charge at any one time; tier two allows up to four EVs to charge at any one time; and tier three allows up to three EVs to charge at any one time. The high-power charging hubs are dramatically faster than current charging infrastructure and are capable of providing a 100km range to EV drivers in as little as six minutes.

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