Sono Motors breaks cash preorders for flagship vehicle

Self-charging German EV company, Sono Motors, sees record cash preorders for its flagship vehicle.

The Munich-based Sono Motor’s flagship ‘Sion’ vehicle is covered with solar cells that allow it to charge on the go, adding 112 kilometres of range to its 54kWh battery each week.

The £22,000 vehicle is also equipped with a battery that can be charged off-grid and is claimed to be able to travel upto 190 miles on a single charge, with Sono claiming that, on average, there will be an added range of almost 6,000 kilometres per year – adding to large savings on traditional recharging and also reassurance to non-urban drivers with range anxiety.

Despite still being in the prototype stage, the Sion is to hit European markets in 2023, and already has more than 13,000 preorders (representing £240 million in sales) on the books. With the average deposit for a Sion being £2,500, Sono would have collected around £33 million in cash from reservations already.

Image: courtesy SONO MOTORS GMBH

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