FM Conway’s SureCharge service to deliver EV charging across London

Infrastructure services company FM Conway has launched SureCharge, its own electric vehicle charging (EV) solution, to add to its growing range of self-delivery capabilities.

In partnership with Joju Charging, FM Conway will begin rolling out SureCharge across London early this year to help local residents make the switch to EV.

The service will be launched in the Royal Borough of Kingston with 100 on-column chargers installed during March under the Transport for London (TfL) GULCS framework (Go Ultra Low City Scheme).

The rollout aims to help people transition to EV, as residents without access to off-street parking will soon be able to park on the street near their homes and plug their electric vehicle into a charge point on a street.

By utilising the existing power source and the lamp post itself, SureCharge can transform the infrastructure on the street into an EV charger at a low-cost, with no need for planning permission or digging up the pavement, and it can fit straight onto a street light column without creating additional street clutter.

SureCharge uses CityEV charge points and green energy through Octopus Energy, and will primarily offer 5.5 KWH charging, and can be installed in a variety of methods including in-column (in the lamp post), on-column (on the lamp post), stand-alone chargers.

FM Conway has been maintaining and operating lamp posts for lighting purposes for many years within the London Boroughs and using its deep understanding of the network and its capabilities it now aims to deliver sustainable solutions for London’s infrastructure.

FM Conway Lighting Director, Graham Cartledge, said: “Through research of the EV market, and working with key partners, we believe that SureCharge will offer a solution to London residents that has not been available to date. Innovative hardware, linked with flexible green energy, will help deliver a greener London.”

Joju Technical Director, Dr Chris Jardine, said: “40% of households don’t have a driveway, and this rises to around 80% in some of our major towns and cities, so the need for on-street charging to make the transition to electric vehicles is clear.

“Joju Charging is excited to be helping councils provide EV charge points on street lights for their residents, offering councils an affordable infrastructure for change and we’re looking forward to delivering an increasing number in the future, in partnership with FM Conway.”

Image: courtesy FM Conway Press Release

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