Linesight and Nel collaborate on hydrogen fuelled bus programme

Multinational consultancy firm, Linesight, and global dedicated hydrogen company, Nel Hydrogen, are to collaborate on the delivery of a new hydrogen fuel station for 20 hydrogen buses for Transport for London (TfL).

Decarbonisation of London’s bus network is one of the key objectives of the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy, under which all TfL’s buses will be electric or hydrogen fueled at the latest by 2037.

Nel was commissioned to provide TfL with a hydrogen station solution to provide fuel to 20 hydrogen buses operating in west London. The buses are already a competitive alternative to battery buses and will, in the near future, close the cost difference with the current ICE (diesel) fleet.

This hydrogen station allows TfL to refuel hydrogen buses in just a few minutes.

Hydrogen buses can also store more energy on board than equivalent buses, meaning they can be deployed on longer routes. This is a contract worth several million and includes a 10-year service and maintenance contract.

The station will initially service a fleet of 20 hydrogen fuel cell buses at Metroline’s Perivale bus depot. Currently, London has 9000 buses in operation.

Karsten Poulsen, Vice President Operations, Nel Hydrogen, said: “Transport for London are forging the path for a sustainable business by 2037 and it has been a privilege working with them on their hydrogen fueled bus programme to date. Our collaboration with Linesight has resulted in clear stakeholder management and prioritisation of key activities enabling us to meet the expectations of TfL and open the hydrogen refueling facility efficiently.

“Linesight has played a pivotal role on the Perivale project in procuring key and bespoke packages of work that are fundamental to project handover to the end user. We very much look forward to potentially working with Linesight on future projects across Europe.”

Michael Riordan, Managing Director UK, Linesight, said: “This has been and continues to be an exciting and collaborative partnership for Linesight with Nel. The renewables industry is one in which we are investing heavily bringing our decades of experience and deep domain knowledge to bear in scheduling, project and cost management solutions that add demonstrable value to our clients and their requirements.”

Image: courtesy Linesight & ING Media

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