Energy networks open their data with new tool to support emerging markets

The new Energy Data Request Tool can support emerging markets, like electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints and green gas generators, and help projects like new renewables sites connect to the networks.

Launched by Energy Networks Association, with the backing of Britain’s electricity and gas network operators, the new Energy Data Request Tool supports a more modern, digital energy system by providing greater transparency of electricity and gas networks’ data.

Doing so will help companies in and out of the energy industry to make investment decisions more intelligently.

The new tool will provide an easy way for customers with a need to access network companies’ data, such as those looking to connect renewable generation or green gas sites, to submit a request to any of Great Britain’s 11 energy networks using a single form.

The request form can be used by anyone to request any type of network data, excluding personal data. However, each energy network will continue to responsibly assess each request considering data privacy, security and confidentiality to ensure appropriate and proportional data-sharing.

Types of data which can be requested using the single form include:

  • information about electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints in a certain area
  • where there is capacity to build a biomethane site
  • how much flexibility is tendered in a particular location on the electricity network
  • the standardised, centralised data request form will gather invaluable insight into the volume of requests, their origin, the granularity of data requested and how the data will be used – which will inform future decisions to make more data available for use.

Network investment in modernising energy data is essential for continued decarbonisation of the energy system and delivery of Net Zero emissions. Taking a whole energy systems approach to data and digitalisation is critical to achieving a modern, digital energy system that works for everyone.

Alongside the new Energy Data Request Tool, ENA is building a proof-of-concept National Energy System Map of Britain. Both services will help to provide customers with even more access to energy data from electricity and gas network operators in Britain.

Dan Clarke, Head of Innovation at Energy Networks Association, said: “The new Energy Data Request Tool will help customers to harness the power of data to make better-informed investment decisions, like the location for new green gas sites and electric vehicle chargepoints. Providing more transparency of networks’ data is a big step forward as we begin to use data even more proactively to unlock Net Zero in the UK.”

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