WCRAQ appoints children’s health campaigner as Youth Ambassador

The Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality (WCRAQ) has appointed Charlotte Smith – the 14-year-old founder of EV Thank You – as its first Youth Ambassador.

Charlotte has been the driving force behind a campaign to improve children’s health worldwide and instigates positive behaviour change by thanking drivers of electric vehicles by leaving an EV Thank You Card on their windscreen. She aims to protect the health of children by positively promoting the use of EVs. So, far she has thanked 3,600 EV drivers in the UK, Norway and California. Charlotte’s goal is to take her campaign to every country.

Her appreciation for electric vehicles started after she carried out a science project when she was 10 years old. She discovered the benefits of EVs and how they contributed to cleaner air, which inspired her to show gratitude to EV owners.

Now, she and her father, Steven Smith, spend every bit of their time together to travel around in an EV on loan around the country to highlight the benefits of EV ownership and its positive impact on children’s health.

“I’m thrilled to become WCRAQ’s Youth Ambassador. This excellent opportunity will help me further raise awareness worldwide of zero emission’s benefits on all children’s health,” commented Charlotte.

Charlotte and her father have funded every bit of their campaign themselves and are reliant on donations to cover travel costs. They carry out their critical journeys with the help of OEMs who supply electric vehicles and charging point infrastructures suppliers who donate charging sessions.

Barry Sheerman, MP for Huddersfield, Chairman of the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality, commented: “Charlotte has demonstrated that she is an extraordinary young girl that is committed to making the air we breathe cleaner. It shows how young people can move mountains. We look very much forward to working with her to highlight the dangerous effects of air pollution to UK Government and the public.

“WCRAQ is proud to appoint Charlotte as our Youth Ambassador. We invite organisations and interested individuals to help her campaign progress by donating EVs on loan, charging and essential funds to help keep the EV Thank You campaign on the road accomplishing better children’s health.”

On Clean Air Day (17 June), Charlotte will address members of parliament during a call to arms organised by WCRAQ to make politicians aware that the Government needs to do more to protect the public from air pollution. This will be Charlotte’s first engagement for the Commission, with many more to come the next year.

Image courtesy of Steven Smith.

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