Michelin to make world’s greenest tyre to extend EV range

In their quest to extend EV range, Michelin claim they have perfected the right mix after years of experimenting with rubber solutions, ensuring safety but minimising resistance.

The aim is to create tyres that sit between grip and resistance, allowing the cars to maximise distance travelled on a single charge.

In March, Michelin unveiled the e.PRIMACY tyre, which adds 7% additional range to electric vehicles, because it is optimised to reduce road resistance without compromising any of the performance.

Alexis Garcin, chairman and president of Michelin North America, said: “Along with the e.PRIMACY, we have just released the Pilot Sport, which is a dedicated tyre for electric sports cars and it brings up to 37 miles of additional range, because of that optimisation of running resistance.

“Our vision is to have a fully renewable and recyclable tire by 2050. Today, more or less, 30% of the tyre is renewable and recyclable.”

Image: Shutterstock.

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