Arrival selects HERE SDK for its EVs

Electric vehicle (EV) company Arrival has selected location technology platform HERE Technologies to power its in-vehicle Human-Machine Interface navigation solution. reports that Arrival has been developing its own proprietary hardware, software and robotics since 2015 and is using these technologies to enable electric vehicle production through its unique Microfactories, which are small-footprint, low CapEx and can be deployed quickly to serve local communities. Their business is based around EVs using predictable routes and overnight depot charging to fit within commercial fleets.

With the rise of e-commerce, accelerated by Covid-19 and the demand for same-day-delivery, they expect the global market for commercial fleets to grow, and say tackling the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, Arrival’s integrated transportation ecosystem provides the tools for cities and businesses to achieve their sustainability goals.

They say they’re using HERE because its software development kit goes well beyond standard mapping, routing and search functionalities. It provides real-time visibility into the geographic location of mobile assets and offline capabilities that include route calculation, location search and turn-by-turn navigation. 

You can read the full story here.

Image courtesy of HERE.

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