BMW to unveil hydrogen fuel cell SUV next year

BMW has announced that it plans to unveil a hydrogen fuel cell model SUV sometime in 2022 as the company continues to research zero-emission alternatives to battery-electric cars.

BMW announced at its 2021 annual general meeting last week that it plans to run the small-scale production of the hydrogen fuel cell powered X5 SUV in 2022 as part of its initiative to bring innovative hydrogen-powered vehicles to the wider market.

The company also said it is conducting expansive research into alternative e-fuels and hydrogen power.

Based on the BMW X5, the manufacturer first revealed its i Hydrogen NEXT car at the Frankfurt Motor Show, to demonstrate how hydrogen technology can be integrated into existing vehicle models.

BMW’s Chairman of the Board, Oliver Zipse, said: “Next year we will unveil a BMW X5 with a fuel cell drive – a small series of the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT will show how we envision the hydrogen drive train.”

Image: Shutterstock.

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